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FILO Bunnies Take Over Our Hey Roomie Page For First NewJeans Giveaway! Plus Giveaway Results!

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

After a successful performance, but questionable practice location for the 25th World Scout Jamboree, global Bunnies can rejoice that their NewJeans can withstand any condition and still pull off an amazing performance! After this weekend's amazing performance by the group, it reminded us that global Bunnies were in full force and we want to share our first giveaway experience with you!

NewJeans performs at "K-pop Super Live" last Friday August 11, 2023
NewJeans performs at "K-pop Super Live" last Friday August 11, 2023

After a nightmarish handling by the Korean government for the 25th World Scout Jamboree, it was left to K-pop to save the day! With performances by IVE, NCT Dream, ITZY, Mamamoo, The Boyz, Kang Daniel, and fromis_9 as well, you could say the jamboree was a success. The "K-pop Super Live" concert brought young people from all over the globe to celebrate what many would call "a disaster" in logistics.

When the camera panned over the immense swarm of fans at the stadium, we couldn't help but think back to our NewJeans giveaway earlier last week! Filo Bunnies from United Bunnies PH took over our chat room as we played word games and were introduced to our brand! It was such a blast getting to know Bunnies globally!

In order to win a custom NewJeans Binky Bong (lightstick), participants had to show us their favorite NewJeans dance and upload it to Instagram! We were able to get some pretty impressive entries!

We want to continue to collaborate with awesome fans from all over the globe so if you would like your Facebook group to work with us, please don't hesitate to contact us! Comment below what should we give away next! Also, follow us on our Hey Roomie page for the next giveaway announcement!


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