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Gangnam Style Psy's First Boy Band TNX Makes Debut Showcase With First Single "Move"

PSY's company, PNation, is continuing its onslaught of hitmakers this year with the debut of its first boy band TNX. The six-member boy group performed its first single "Move" (비켜 ) from their mini-album "Way Up" during their debut showcase on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. The six members consisted of winners from the survival SBS show "Loud" (2021) and were selected by PSY personally.

The band's leader, Choi Tae Hun stated, "It feels unreal to be standing here on this stage … as much as we’ve dreamt about this moment, we’ve worked hard for it. We’ll be doing our best every moment, so look out for us" during an interview during their debut night.

TNX stands for "The New Six". The new single "Move" consists of major orchestra instrumentation with powerful beats. Along with some sexy and powerful dance moves, these boys are a force to be reckoned with.

TNX Poster Teaser for mini-album "Way Up". Photo by AllKpop

The band's Tuesday debut gave us a small glimpse of what PNation is expecting this group to bring. More power and energy with a diverse range of dancing and songs written by industry veterans. "The song (Move) was composed by singer-songwriter Penomeco and Yoo Gun Hyung, who is credited on a string of hits such as PSY's 'Gangnam Style,' and HyunA's 'I'm Not Cool' (2021)," Cheon Jun Hyeok, a member, explained. "It can be characterized by an addictive chorus and outspoken lyrics."

PNation is also home to phenomenal singer/rapper Jessi and K-pop star HyunA.

What do you think about TNX's debut? Do they have the potential to be the next BTS? Let us know your thoughts!


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