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Girl's Day Minah & Yoon Chan Young Star In Hilarious New Comedy "Delivery Man"!

It's the season for taxi drivers as Girl's Day Bang Minah and All of Us Are Dead's Yoon Chan Young partner up for ENA's new comedic investigative drama about a taxi driver who grants the last wishes of ghosts! The premiere for Delivery Man dropped on Wednesday, March 1, and will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 21:00 KST. Let's take a look at this hilarious new drama!

Bang Minah and Yoon Chan Young star in ENA's new comedic investigative drama "Delivery Man" (ENA)
Bang Minah and Yoon Chan Young star in ENA's new comedic investigative drama "Delivery Man" (ENA)

Seo Young Min (Yoon Chan Young) is a young, but meticulous taxi driver. He takes pride in his job and follows all the rules. One day, he bumps into a strange woman, Kang Ji Hyun (Bang Minah) who claims to be a ghost and cannot separate herself from Young Min's taxi. At the same time, Young Min's grandmother's house is behind in monthly payments and Young Min has to come up with $20,000 dollars by the end of the month before it gets taken away.

Young Min has no choice but to receive help from Ji Hyun to help lost spirits reach the afterlife by granting their last wishes since "ghosts pay their taxi fare". After the first episode, we couldn't wait for the next episode!

Bang Minah is very funny and a little bit clueless as her character, Ji Hyun, doesn't know who she was before she died or why she died. With the help of Young Min, the two partner up to make money and also figure out what happened to her!

Although this drama starts off very light-hearted and funny, we feel that serious episodes will come, as in all K-dramas! Once the two find out what happened to Ji Hyun, there will be no stopping Young Min to help her out!

Let us know if you've seen this drama! Are you anticipating any romance or friendship? Let us know!


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