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Glow like Le Sserafim's Sakura as shares her flawless skincare secrets! [UPDATED!]

Updated: Feb 20

K-pop star Sakura from the globally popular group Le Sserafim shared her flawless skincare regimen with Vogue! Plus, we share Le Sserafim's new single "Easy" scheduled drop date!

The Japanese K-pop idol is known for her sense of fashion and skincare, gracing her Instagram feed with a variety of skincare products, from hand cream mist to facial hydration creams! Let's take a look at how Sakura can keep her skin so clear and radiant!

Sakura explains that since she has more dry skin, she applies toner every night before bed. She then uses Vitamin C and retinol combination serum to smooth out the lines, especially around the outer eyes to get that youthful look! Sakura then uses a face roller to help the serum absorb into the skin (great tip!). Then she uses a moisturizing face cream (preferably in the morning when you wake up) to finish up the pre-makeup routine.


Stressing that wearing sunscreen is vital, Sakura prefers a foundation that contains sunscreen to skip the step. Mixing the foundation and concealer, Sakura can get her "bare-faced" look that fans go crazy for! First mixing the foundation and concealer with a brush, she then uses a sponge to evenly and lightly smooth it all over her face. Since Le Sserafim is coming out with a new single "Easy", where light makeup is stressed, Sakura has been using a lighter shade when filling out her eyebrows. "Easy" is set to drop on February 19, 2024 at 6 PM KST.

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As for her eyeshadow, Sakura also puts on a very light coat to almost look like "nothing is there". She also says that for eyeshadow, it's good to also do the bottom of your eyes to bring balance to the look!

While applying her makeup Sakura explains the differences in Japanese, Korean, and American makeup styles. She seems to be a real makeup connoisseur as she explains the small distinctions between each country's makeup styles and trends!

Idol secrets!

Sakura also shares an idol secret by using contouring not only near her chin but outlining her forehead as well. She explains that since her hair flips up while dancing, you can see her face much better (wow thanks!).

Watch Sakura's full video here!

To get to know Sakura even more (she debuted 3 times as an idol) check this video out!

Sakura is fun and entertaining at the same time as she shares her knowledge about makeup as well as what makes an idol "pop" on stage! This was so much fun to watch and learn about what idols have to go through to make themselves look good for fans and the camera! Share your K-pop makeup secrets with us as well in the comments below!



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