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Gu Won is back in Part 2 of "My Demon"...or is he? [Ep. 11]

Hitching off a solid and edge-of-your-seat Part 1 finale My Demon finally returns with Part 2 dropping over this weekend! We break down what really happened to Gu Won after coming back from a short hiatus!

Just a friendly reminder that if you have not read the Part 1 finale, please check it out here before continuing!


After miraculously rescuing Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung) from the gas station explosion, it seems that Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang) has returned to his old self! Do Hee is unharmed as Gu Won's tattoo returns to his wrist. Feeling like him old self with his powers back, Gu Won is back in business! He searches for his first human to make a contract deal and bumps into an old couple with Alzheimer's disease. When the husband gladly trades 10 minutes with his sick wife to recognize him for an eternity in hell, Gu Won is taken aback at his sacrifice and starts crying! Not believing it himself, he starts to question himself. Aww, he's becoming a softy! Haha! We think his feelings for Do Hee have changed his character to a more compassionate one!

Meanwhile, a determined Do Hee is ready to catch the real culprit again and asks Gu Won to help out. Sensing Secretary Shin Da Jung (Seo Jung Yeon Castaway Diva 2023), has been acting very suspiciously recently, and they follow her to a park after work. In an awkward and hilarious misunderstanding, they find Secretary Shin meeting a secretive man and end up kissing him! As Do Hee and Gu Won are taken aback, they move in closer to the couple to see who it is! It was no other than Park Bok Gyu, Gu Won's assistant! It turns out that the couple has been developing feelings after Secretary Shin's drunken escapade with Do Hee!

Is Gu Won secretly wanting to become human?

After a crazy night with Do Hee and Secretary Shin, Gu Won is finally able to get some rest, but is hounded by dreams of back when he was human about a woman called Wolsim. He confronts "God" aka the homeless woman back at the subway station and asks her about his dreams. She suggests that he is longing for his human emotions and doesn't want to let go of them. Refusing to admit to this, Gu Won shrugs off the idea and is left in his thoughts.

Do Hee's attempted killer is still alive?

In a shocking twist, we find out that Noh Suk Min pays a visit at the hospital where Noh Do Gyeong, who attempted to crash his car into the gas station to kill Do Hee, is in! It turns out that Do Gyeong was able to jump out of the car before it exploded. Suk Min tells Do Gyeong to turn himself in after he is discharged from the hospital if he wants to "remain as his son".

When Noh Do Gyeong arrives at the police station, he confesses that he "killed them all" to the detectives who put him in a questioning room. While waiting, Do Hee and Gu Won teleport inside and ask him if he truly killed Madam Ju. In a fit of confusion and emotional distress, Do Gyeong "goes crazy" and tells everyone to "burn in hell".

And the girl Gu Won has been dreaming of is...

After a series of memory flashes in which Gu Won is asleep, we finally find out who the woman Gu Won has been dreaming of! It's no other than...Do Hee! Mind blown! It seems that when Gu Won was a human, he either was ordered or killed Do Hee (or her equivalent in that timeline). Since the woman reminds Gu Won too much of the present-day Do Hee, his memory must have escaped him since it was a traumatic experience!

And with that, we leave you to ponder the ending of episode 11 for yourselves! Comment below what your thoughts are on who the woman really is in Gu Won's dream! Do you think Gu Won will eventually become human?


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