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"My Demon" caps off part 1 in a steamy finale! [Episodes 9 & 10]

The first half of the fantasy romantic drama My Demon finished its first half of the season in a hot and steamy finale of episodes! Without getting all hot and bothered, we'll break down what happened and what to expect in the remaining episodes!


Episode 9: The Unmasked Truth

Full of hot and steamy scenes, as expected from newlyweds, episode 9 starts with several back-to-back scenes of Do Do Hee (Kim You Jung 20th Century Girl 2022) and Jeong Gu Won (Song Kang Sweet Home 2 2023) making out, with slow motion, haha! We appreciate that K-dramas now are showing open-mouthed kissing considering that was not the norm ten years ago.

As Gu Won slowly becomes "more human" the two decide to go on a date and get closer to each other! Meanwhile, her evil step-siblings, Noh Su Ahn (Lee Yoon Ji Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2022) and Noh Suk Min (Kim Tae Hoon Delightfully Deceitful 2023) have other plans as they try to derail her assent as the heir to Mirae Group by trying to find her faults.

After finding a sketch of the man who attempted to kill Do Do Hee, Gu Won dispatches his minions (the gang he came to "adopt") to find out who he is. Just before Gu Won's henchmen can find Gi Kwang Chul, the suspect, Noh Suk Min gets to him first and kills him in a fire.

The secret to Do Do Hee's attempted killer is revealed!

Throughout the series, Do Hee and Gu Won have been chasing the wrong person! Just when we thought Gi Kwang Chul was the main suspect, a wrench was thrown into the plot! We find out that the actual stalker and person wanting to kill Do He is her evil step-brother, Noh Suk Min!

Gu Won finds out how he can get his powers back, but at a cost!

Gu Won meets up with the homeless lady he met while chasing Do Hee's stalker a while back to figure out why his powers are fading. It turns out that she has the same powers as he does and that she gave them to him (also known as "GOD")! Whoa! Mind blown! And finally, when asked how he can get his powers back she replies, "Only if she dies." End scene.

Episode 10: Breaking Through the Shell

Gu Won makes a heartbreaking decision

Continuing where episode 9 left off, more details are revealed as Gu Won finds out he has until the next full moon to kill Do Hee or he will spontaneously combust and die. Through all the days they have spent together, it pangs Gu Won to have to make such an extreme decision. We can tell he is finally falling in love with her!

Gu Won is ultimately betrayed by those closest to him

Ju Seok Hoon (Lee Sang Yi) seeks out Jin Ga Young (Cho Hye Joo) to find out more about Gu Won's identity. Ga Young, feeling betrayed and jealous by Gu Won since he hasn't broken up with Do Hee, decides to tell him everything she knows, including Gu Won's source of power. Once Seok Hoon finds out that Do Hee's cross tattoo on her wrist is the source of Gu Won's power,

Gu Won reveals his true feelings for Do Hee!

In an attempt to spend as much time with Do Hee before making his decision on whether to kill her or not, we find out Gu Won's true feelings for her! While watching a horror movie together, Do Hee falls asleep on his shoulder. Gu Won speaks his mind and says, "What really scares me the most is a world without you." We feel you Gu Won!

"What really scares me the most is a world without you."

Do Hee finds out about the horrible truth

Jin Ga Young clears up the confusion with Do Do Hee as she visits her to talk about that night's tattoo transfer. She tells Do Hee that Gu Won is willing to die for her if Do Hee jumps into the ocean and the tattoo doesn't get transferred back to Gu Won. Ga Young gives Do Hee a bottle of poison to kill herself to save Gu Won. Gu Won finds them on the rooftop talking, but its too late. Do Hee already knows the truth. She runs off to clear her head.

A shocking ending!

As Do Hee and Gu Won return to the same oceanside cliff where they once fell off and the tattoo was transferred, we are exposed to the ugly truth that Noh Suk Min has been controlling Noh Do Gyeong to do his bidding. Do Gyeong has burn scars on his arm due to frequent "punishment sessions" with Noh Suk Min and follows Do Hee and Gu Won to the same gas station. We find out the real reason why Do Gyeong is there, to kill Do Hee. He runs his car into the gas station mart where Do Hee is paying for a postcard to commemorate Gu Won's "birthday as a new demon" and the car explodes! Even more shocking is that Gu Won rushes into the burning mart and finds Do Hee barely alive and that the tattoo has returned! He then carries Do Hee out of the burning building, like a boss!

Wow! What a magnificent ending to part 1 of the series! Let us know your thoughts on this drama so far! Part 2 will continue, on Netflix, on January 5, 2024! Comment below!


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