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Hang out and make meaningful connections in Korea with the newest Friendship App!

Dongu App
Dongu App

Do you struggle with making friends in Korea or sometimes feel like you want to hang out with people in your neighborhood? Either way, Dongu could be for you!

Dongu is an app that helps you connect with people in your neighborhood or anywhere around the world (if you can access it on the map of course)! Its purpose is to connect you to other people, based on your interests or intentions to make connections.

I remember when I arrived in Seoul I had no idea where to connect with other people or how to get involved. I found a few apps and websites and managed to make it through but, Dongu makes it so much easier, I wish I had found it then!

The purpose of Dongu is to connect you to friends in your neighborhood or around Korea (or worldwide) on the basis of the interests and hobbies you share.

How Dongu Works
How Dongu Works

Basically, it allows you to make a plan and allows other people to join your plan, and then discuss the details of the event together and meet! Or vice versa they make a plan and you join.

For example, you can meet people for the purpose of walking. If you want some friends to walk along the Han River with after a long day of work and perhaps grab some dinner - you can arrange this on Dongu! If you're traveling solo you can use Dongu to meet other travelers or locals and make plans based on your travels. It's simple and easy to use!

Those are just a few examples, the sky is the limit!

Download Dongu
Download Dongu

You can download Dongu and give it a try! Try the links below:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

A cool feature of this app is its translator while sending and receiving messages! The logic is that the app translates when users read messages. So if your system language is English, when you read messages from people who speak other languages, it will automatically appear in English. You can also see the original language but the translation will be there! Could be a cool way to learn a language too!

Dongu is a relatively new app so the developers of the app want your feedback! Check it out and see how it works for you and if you'd like to give some feedback on features you'd like to add or improvements be sure to comment on our post, on our socials, or via email (

Example Events on Dongu
Example Events on Dongu

We hope this app will connect you to good people in your proximity! It's always nice to have a friendly face around! Make Forever Friendships with Dongu!

Comment below with your thoughts on this app!

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