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Here's How to Get The Sunglasses Lee Je Hoon Wears in "Taxi Driver 2"!

The "Taxi squad" did it again this week as they took down the bad guys! They also slayed in national viewership ratings as episodes 5 and 6 snagged first and second place respectively! But how do they always manage to look so cool and chic while doing it? We break down where you can get your "Taxi Driver" sunglasses!

Lee Je Hoon wearing his iconic Moscot sunglasses
Lee Je Hoon wearing his iconic Moscot sunglasses

There's no doubt that Lee Je Hoon can look good wearing any pair of sunglasses, but the iconic shades are simple yet effective to get the job done! The brand the superstar likes to align with is Moscot Eyewear. The New York-based brand has been spotted by the likes of actors Paul Rudd and Theo James, as well as fashion magazines Cosmopolitan and GQ. The brand originated in 1899 with Hyman Moscot, from Eastern Europe, and has been passed down for five generations to its current CEO, Zack Moscot.

The particular models that Lee Je Hoon can be seen wearing throughout the series are The PAT SUN in black and THE LEMTOSH in Tobacco.

But don't be too quick to visit the site and order yours just yet! The prices are pretty steep for these high-quality shades! The PAT SUN and THE LEMTOSH both can set you back $340 and an extra $90 for polarized lenses.

A little too much on the wallet? Opt out for some classic Ray Bay Wayfarer Classics for half the price of $160!

So is there any price for "cool"? Let us know if you're willing to shell some dough for these hot commodities!


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