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Here's What Global Netizens Are Saying About The Fifty Fifty Whirlwind Fiasco!

If you're into K-pop, you can't get away from the headlines floating around the web about girl group Fifty Fifty under fire with conflict from their agency Attrakt, an independent label. There have been many he said, she said allegations on how the group was approached by "outside forces" to lure them into signing a bigger contract. Many negative comments from Korean netizens have been expressed over the past week. We want to know what foreign netizens have to say! Let's find out!

The Fifty Fifty scandal first arose when their agency Attrakt complained about "external forces" luring the group into signing a bigger contract claiming a breach in their existing contract. Attrackt also disclosed that The Givers content development group CEO and three other individuals were the "external forces".

Fifty Fifty was not included in the controversy then until they made their position clear on June 28, 2023, when the members decided to file an application for an injunction to suspend the validity of their exclusive contracts with Attrakt (to cease the validity of their contracts).

Many Korean netizens voiced their opinions about the rookie group, who haven't been active for a year, to demand a contract termination. Here are some comments made by netizens, mostly negative.

“They’re not even under a big company. Isn’t it too early for them to ask for settlements?”

“They just debuted less than a year ago and have only one song… but they’re already talking about settlements”,

“They immediately suspect non-transparent settlement after having only one successful song?”

There are others who decided to side with the group and support their decision.

“If I were them, I would also prefer a large company”

“Large agencies handle things better than small and medium-sized agencies”

Many global netizens and fans have voiced their opinions on the group's situation, mostly positive.

"fifty fifty girls you will ALWAYS be better than this company. we love u and we support u "

"keena, saena, sio, aran: I’m so so so sorry for what this awful company is doing to you and your career. you deserve none of this. hunnies support you no matter what."

"Attrakt,you are the ones who have destroyed the rising careers of these girls"

Needless to say, the group's image has been tarnished with commercials with global soccer star Son Heung Min, appearances on Korean variety shows, and endorsement with an electronics company have been canceled. Their music video, "Barbie Dreams", for the upcoming movie Barbie, has also been put on hold by their company.

"Barbie" soundtrack poster (Image via Rolling Stone/Instagram)
"Barbie" soundtrack poster (Image via Rolling Stone/Instagram)

So what do you think? Who is responsible for this situation? What do you think will happen to Fifty Fifty and their career? Let us know in the comments below!


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