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Hong Tae Ra Faces Her Husband In A Tense Stand-Off!

Hong Tae Ra (Lee Ji Ah) faces off with her power-hungry husband, Pyo Jae Hyun (Lee Sang Yoon) in this week's riveting episode of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise! The episode garnered first place in viewership ratings at 2.880% for its Monday timeslot and for good reason! Read on to find out the shocking relationship between Tae Ra and Jae Hyun before they were married!

Pyo Jae Hyun (left) finally reveals the truth behind the reason why he approached Hong Tae Ra (tvN)
Pyo Jae Hyun (left) finally reveals the truth behind the reason why he approached Hong Tae Ra (tvN)


After last week's discovery that Pyo Jae Hyun isn't as charming and perfect as everyone puts him out to be, Hong Tae Ra decides to take measures into her own hands. While the police are on a wild goose chase tracking down Kim Seon Deok's killer (who is actually Tae Ra), Tae Ra finds the opportunity to corner her husband with a loaded gun and demands answers.

With an innocent look on his face, Jae Hyun can't believe his beautiful, innocent, wife is holding a gun to his head and spills his real reason of getting close to Tae Ra before they were married.

It turns out that on the night Tae Ra's real parents were killed in a car accident, it was actually Jang Geum Mo's (Chairman of Keumjo Group) right-hand man, Mr. Uhm, who was ordered to hit a white car which hit Tae Ra's family car and killed her parents. Tae Ra's real name is Mun Ha Gyeong, before she was number 50, and survived the crash along with her brother. She goes to the police to report the accident stating that she saw Mr. Uhm commit the crime.

Pyo Jae Hyun's parents were involved in the crash as well, that night. They were the ones in the white car that Mr. Uhm crashed into. Jae Hyun tracks Mr. Uhm and threatens him with intel on how he killed Jae Hyun's parents for an important file. He also witnesses Mr. Uhm kidnapping Tae Ra and her brother on the street ordered by Chairman Jang.

Jae Hyun explains to Tae Ra that if she hadn't told the police the truth, she would be living a regular life as Mun Ha Gyeong. It is in fact, because of him that she has everything that she has in her life. He also says that while he was tracking Chairman Jang, he found her injured tells her that they were meant to be, with a manipulative look in his eyes.

As crazy as this sounds, it does sound plausible. Two people who happen to have the same tragedy, come together bound by fate. We still don't trust anything that Pyo Jae Hyun says so we're taking this with a grain of salt. Isn't that what Korean dramas are all about? Let us know if Pandora: Beneath the Paradise has you sitting on the edge of your seat every episode! What do you think will happen between Tae Ra and Jae Hyun? Comment below!


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Jon Lui
Apr 12, 2023
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