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Hori7on is back with a new single "DAYTOUR"!

Korea-Philippine joint idol group Hori7on is making a comeback after eight months! We break down their new single "DAYTOUR" and their upcoming showcase details!

According to the group's agency MLD Entertainment, Hori7on will be releasing a new single "DAYTOUR" on March 2, 2024. It will be the group's first release since their debut album "Friend-SHIP" in July of last year.

The meaning of "DAYTOUR"

Continuing with their upbeat high-teen style from their first album, "DAYTOUR" is about the group confessing their emotions for their loved ones. The group's eclectic mix of punk pop will showcase a colorful and vibrant tune that fans won't forget!

Manila showcase event

To show love for their home country, Hori7on will hold their showcase event in Manila at 6 PM, local time, to debut their new single on March 2, 2024! The event will be held at SM Supermalls, the largest shopping mall retailer in the Philippines. The event will feature special performances and gifts for fans!

So let us know if you'll be attending this spectacular event Anchors (the fandom name for Hori7on)! What are you looking forward to the most? Comment below!

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