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How Would An American Spend Valentine’s Day in Korea?

As an American who adores Korean culture, you can imagine I’d want to combine the popular tradition of Valentine’s Day with it. While I have not visited Korea, when I do I want to craft the perfect day for the day of love. With this in mind, here is the perfect date night for my dream Valentine’s Day in Korea

1. We Begin With The Perfect Brunch at Analog Garden

Location: 145 Donggyo-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

I may not wake up early for breakfast on my perfect day, but brunch is a must! Located in Hongdae, the visual of this place gives an amazing vibe. I’m just looking at pictures, but I have a feeling they don’t do it justice. The interior inside and out gives off a homey vibe while the food looks presented attractively It seems like the place I could go and feel high-end while but comfortable. It's the best beginning to a long day of both tourism and love.

2. Fall In Love at Namsan Tower

Location: 105 Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Speaking of tourism, the next stop on my Valentine’s Day date is more than just an attraction. A Korean staple that transcends countries, it's hard not to know of the popular and gorgeous landmark. Such a big part of my travel plans regardless of when Namsan Tower is surrounded by love stories. No, it really is! Visitors can add a padlock to the Trees of Love, creating both a memory and a new chapter to their love story. If you don’t fall in love here will you ever?

3. Finally, A Dinner For a Night to Remember at Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul

Location: Lotte Hotel Seoul Jung-gu, Eulji-ro, 30 롯데호텔 서울 Executive Tower 35F

Probably the most important part of a Valentine’s Day, dinner has to be carefully chosen. While breakfast was comfortable, dinner for me had to be a fancy affair. After looking into spots most critically acclaimed, Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul was a top choice. The French restaurant with multiple locations worldwide has the fancy vibe I’d look for to end my night, in heels and a pretty dress. Not to mention the food looks amazing! All of these ideas are both exciting and meant to create a day to enjoy Korean culture while enjoying the tradition of Valentine’s Day. Next time you are visiting or as a resident, you should follow this so I can live vicariously through you! 

Use this list for your romantic day and let us know how you spend Valentine’s Day in your country in the comments. Check out other Korean Valentine’s Day articles from Dojeon here!



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