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Amazing Things Happening For Jungkook's Birthday !!

These amazing things are happening right now in Korea because Jungkook's birthday is approaching!

1- JungKook "Magic Shop"

From @Jungkook_CHINA Tweet

BTS JUNGKOOK Birthday Project 2022 in Hongdae Walking St Square Stage in South Korea, "JK's MAGIC SHOP" has opened in one of the busiest places in Seoul.

According to local officials, fans will be able to visit and enjoy it from August 28 to September 3rd

The model is waterproof and delivered after months of planning, design, and modeling. It's full of Jungkook's paintings, drawings, photos, and cute things, along with cookies and food. The project is an homage to Jungkook's concept and self-produced song "Magic Shop" for fans.

There will also be a special show where the "big Jungkook doll" will visit three stations, one of which is the "Magic Shop" model. This is one of Jungkook's birthday projects by the biggest Chinese fan base!

2 - Cafes in South Korea :

One of the best things to go to on idols' birthdays is cafes! Many cafes celebrate the birthdays of idols and this is a wonderful thing that you will only find in Korea!

Korean comedian Kim Yong Myung visited the cafes set up for Jungkook's birthday and had a great time with ARMY!

3 - "Common Ground" mall in Seoul

The world's largest container shopping mall, "Common Ground", in Seoul will be transformed into a "Kuku Themed" space for Jungkook's birthday. The Kuku-style space at Konkuk Common Ground, Seoul, will be hosted by his Chinese fan base Jungkook China. Common Ground is the first pop-up store in Korea built with 5,300 square meters of shipping containers. It consists of more than 200 shipping containers and is the first shipping container shopping mall in Korea (and the largest in the world). Because of its modern architecture, it is one of the famous places in Seoul which is often used as a filming location for dramas and music videos. The surrounding walls and everything will be wrapped in many large cheering posters for Jungkook's birthday, which will stick to the wall of the container. With its unique views and various promotional effects, this support can become an attractive, fashionable, and sophisticated event for birthdays. A large doll from Euphoria.

What do you think of this? Do you celebrate Jungkook's birthday in your country? What are your guys' wish for Jungkook this year? Let us know!


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