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Hyein's Sweet 16 with PH Tokkis!

On Sunday, April 21, the streets of EDSA Guadalupe were lit up with a brilliant display of love and admiration for the K-pop sensation NewJeans' Lee Hyein. The youngest member or "maknae" of the group, Hyein celebrated her 16th birthday in a grand style, and the fans, fondly known as "Tokkis", left no stone unturned to make it a memorable day! Let's get into the details!

A special birthday LED Ad was set up from 6 am to 11 pm, featuring a montage of Hyein's best moments, her growth as an artist, and her inspiring journey in the K-pop industry.

The LED Ad, a popular trend in the K-pop fandom, served as a grand gesture of the fans' affection for Hyein and their appreciation of her talent and dedication. Throughout the day, passersby and fans alike were treated to a visual feast that showcased Hyein's vibrant personality and her achievements in the K-pop industry. Despite her young age, Hyein has shown remarkable maturity and commitment to her craft, which was beautifully highlighted in the LED Ad!

The celebration of "Hyein's Sweet 16 with PH Tokkis!" was not just about marking her birthday, but it was also a testament to the strong bond between Hyein and her fans.

As the day came to a close, the LED Ad dimmed, but the love and admiration for Hyein only grew stronger. The celebration was a grand success, filled with a whole lot of love.

It was a day of unity, a day of love, and a day of appreciation for our beloved maknae, Lee Hyein. Here's to many more celebrations and many more milestones for Hyein in the future!

Hyein's Sweet 16 with PH Tokkis! is co-presented by Globe K-mmunity PH

B-Day LED by kkitsy

Special thanks to Hyein's Modeling Agency for their generous support and the HMA mystery box

Follow them on social media by clicking the link below.


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