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NewJeans dazzles, entertains, and puts on a performance for the ages at New Year's Rockin' Eve 2024!

With New York's Times Square New Year's Eve celebration becoming one of the world's iconic moments (sponsored by KIA Motors by the way), K-pop super girl group NewJeans brought the energy and the "oomph" needed to bring in 2024! We break down their astonishing performance, their outfits, and of course, their music!

Donning angel wings like Victoria's Secret models and sassy schoolgirl outfits, the girls from NewJeans brought the vibes to this year's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2024! The group made K-pop history becoming the first K-pop act to ever appear on Dick Clark's (now Ryan Seacrest) annual New Year's Eve celebration in the United States! NewJeans definitely brought the energy and the vibes to get the party started! Let's break it down!

The energy was tremendous!

Starting with strong b-boy dancing, the backup dancers were amazing and crisp in their movements as NewJeans started powerful vocals to their very fitting single "ETA"! Their attitudes and charisma while singing shocked viewers who were not K-pop fans (they might be after watching this performance!) and brought the house as they started dancing!

Right off the bat, you could tell that the vocals were real, the reverb in the studio made it possible to hear their real voices, and wasn't a dubbed track! Smooth and silky vocals followed by their positive energy were all that was needed to pull off this stunning performance!

Check out a clip of "ETA"!

The outfits were gorgeous!

Following a very powerful "ETA" performance, NewJeans capped off their monumental debut on American prime-time television with a perfect precision performance of "Super Shy"! There was no shortage of cuteness and eye-winking for Bunnies (the official NewJeans fandom name)!

Dressed in jewel pleated matching schoolgirl uniforms with cute pink ties and name tags, the girls definitely showed off their style and confirmed their status as fashion icons in pop culture! Even their hair was perfect!

The song choices were the perfect match!

No one can argue that "ETA" and "Super Shy" were the "go-to" songs for this occasion! It is literally the perfect song for a New Year's Eve countdown! "Super Shy" was also a great "coming out" song to the American public! We're pretty sure that NewJeans garnered more fans after their amazing performance!

Watch their full performance here!

NewJeans helps with the Times Square ball drop!

In NewJeans fashion, the group helped to countdown the Times Square ball drop! It was a great way to end (or start depending on who you are) the night!

What a great way to start the new year! Comment below with your thoughts on NewJean's performance! What are you looking forward to the most in 2024? Happy New Year Dojeon Fam!


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