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In Solidarity With Teachers in Korea, K-drama explains the Immense Suffering of Teachers

South Korean teachers organized a protest against harassment from both parents and students, which has caused some staff to commit suicide. The teachers seek to raise awareness of the issue, which they claim is widespread and causes a high degree of stress and anxiety. The protest follows other calls for action to improve the educational system in South Korea, including the recent resignation of the education minister.

Image by The Guardian News
Image by The Guardian News

The death of a 23-year-old primary school teacher in Seoul sparked a movement among teachers. The teacher was found dead at her school in July in what appeared to be a suicide. She had expressed concern over complaints of abusive parents. Her tragic death led to protests and calls for changes in the education system, including better protection for teachers and policies to address parents' abusive behavior towards teachers. The teachers' movement highlights the challenges and risks faced by educators in South Korea.

Image by: The Guardian News
Image by: The Guardian News

In this post, we will mention some Korean dramas that touch upon the challenges and problems faced by teachers in Korea.

Here are six notable Korean dramas that explore this theme:

1. Master of Study (2009)

Also known as "God of Study," this drama is based on a Japanese manga and follows a group of underachieving high school students who enroll in a special program to prepare for the rigorous college entrance exams. The drama highlights the struggles of teachers in dealing with unmotivated students and the pressure-cooker education system.

2. School 2013 (2012)

Part of the popular "School" series, this drama explores the complexities of high school life, delving into issues such as academic pressure, bullying, and the struggles of connecting with students from diverse backgrounds.

3. Solomon's Perjury (2016)

Based on a Japanese novel, this drama revolves around the mysterious death of a student and the subsequent investigation led by a determined student and a compassionate teacher. It sheds light on the pressures faced by students and the difficulties teachers encounter while trying to maintain a fair and healthy educational environment.

4. Prison Playbook (2017-2018)

This drama is set in a prison and revolves around a teacher, although it is not exclusively centered on the teaching profession. It delves into the difficulties encountered by a teacher working in the prison system and highlights the transformative power of education on the lives of inmates.

5. Class of Lies (2019)

In this drama, a lawyer goes undercover as a temporary teacher at an elite high school to uncover the truth behind a student's death. The storyline sheds light on the immense academic stress faced by students, the intricate dynamics between teachers and students, and the presence of corruption and injustices within the education system.

Choi Chi Yeol, also known as Ilta Instructor, is a highly respected and successful private education instructor. He is highly popular among students. In this K-drama, the portrayal of less popular teachers brings attention to the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives due to the influence of popularity on their jobs. The storyline explores how popularity can create a disparity between popular and non-popular teachers, shedding light on the impact it has on the teaching profession.

These dramas offer insights into the problems faced by teachers in Korea, including the intense academic competition, student pressures, and the need to maintain a fair educational environment.

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