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Is BTS Bigger Than K-pop? Netizens Decide!

In the middle of their undetermined hiatus, BTS is still at the center of K-pop news as netizens took to social media to determine if BTS is bigger than K-pop! Some netizens even stated the group as the "father of K-pop"! Let's take a look!

BTS (Getty Images)
BTS (Getty Images)

Scrolling through Twitter this morning we realized that there was one blaring hashtag that caught our attention: "BTS IS BIGGER THAN KPOP". Wait, I guess that's the case, but let's take a look to see what EXACTLY people mean! Having 6 Number 1 hits, 10 Top 10 hits, 27 songs listed on Billboard's Hot 100, numerous music awards, invited to the White House as a special guest, we can say netizens have an argument! This tweet says it best!

It has been 13 years since the group's debut in September 2010. We have seen the individual growth and maturity of each of its members. With millions of ARMY (BTS fandom name) around the world, the group has reached the epitome of a global pop sensation! Earning the Guinness World Record of "the biggest audience for a paid virtual concert" for Bang Bang Con : The Live in 2020 with 756,600 fans from over 107 is just a snippet of how far BTS has come!

Not only has BTS contributed musically and culturally to the global Hallyu wave, but they have contributed economically as well to South Korea generating over $32.6 billion over the last 10 years! (Hyundai Research Institute) BTS also attracts an average of 800,000 foreign tourists every year and has helped to stimulate 5 trillion won in the promotion of Korean export products! Check out this mind-blowing chart from Statista!

Is BTS more than K-pop?

So yes, BTS is way more than K-pop! They have attributed to the pride of the Korean identity and pushed forward a country with little natural resources to be one of the top global destinations in the world! This K-pop group has shed light on many social and economic issues facing South Korea in the most positive and kind way!

Let us know your thoughts on whether BTS is more/bigger than K-pop in the comments below! How has BTS impacted your life?


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