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Is JYP Looking For New Talent Beyond Korean Borders?

Recently in an interview with CNN Brasil, on his visit to the country, J.Y. Park revealed that after K-pop's growth across borders, he's been thinking about new ways to recruit foreign trainees into the company.

The founder of JYP Entertainment explained how it started with Wonder Girls and it brought a positive response from the global audience. JYP said: “I saw the possibility. So I started mixing other nationalities into the group…that was Nichkhun in 2PM and BamBam in GOT7.” He further added that the third and final step of K-pop globalization was the creation of non-Korean groups like BOY STORY and NIZIU.

Currently, J.Y. Park is working on a project together with Republic Records to debut a group with entirely North American members but who are not going to be trained on the same model as South Korean companies. The project is called A2K or America2Korea has already been announced on JYP Entertainment's Youtube channel.

After his concert in Brazil and meeting the energy of Brazilian fans, JYP revealed that he now has his eyes on Latin talent for upcoming projects. He shared: "My next goal is in the Latin territory, like South America…that's my next project in my mind. That's why I really wanted to come here and feel you guys to see the energy and especially tomorrow I'm meeting the Brazilian fans. I get to see them, talk to them, shake their hands, and we're gonna dance together, and I think that's gonna give me an idea of ​​my next project. This will be the Latin project, based on South America. I can't wait."

K-pop fans are already eager to find out which trainees will debut from A2K and are also curious to know which talents will be discovered in South America.

And what do you think of this idea? Is it innovative or do you think it can't work? What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Koreaboo


Nora 13
Nora 13
Nov 14, 2022



I hope that he comes in France

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