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Jin Young [B1A4] Guest Appears In Blissful "My Perfect Stranger" Finale!

In a heartfelt tearjerker, My Perfect Stranger couldn't have ended on a better note! With B1A4's Jung Jin Young making a special guest appearance in the finale, we couldn't help but share our happiness! Let's break down what happened!


Finally revealing who the culprit is in episode 15, there was nothing left but to tie a big bow tie and send it home for the finale, but wait, Yoon Hae Jun (Kim Dong Wook Delightfully Deceitful 2023) and Baek Yoon Young (Jin Ki Joo Sh**ting Stars 2022) are still stuck in 1987! So what happened?

Apparently, the culprit and mechanic, Yoon Yeon Woo (Jeong Jae Kwang Never Give Up 2022) wasn't able to fix the little red car (time machine). With a little more time, Hae Jun and Yoon Young decide to boost their relationships with their families a little more by spending quality time with them. Through these moments, the two were able to alter their present futures (in 2021) and Yoon Young finally has her mother back!

How does Jin Young fit into the story?

In a surprising twist, Jin Young's special guest appearance as (shocker alert!) Yeon Woo and Yoon Young's son help the two time travelers with the time machine since he was the one who created it!

Let's take a look at one of his scenes!

Cool, calm, and collected, Jin Young handsomely pulls off a stunning character and gives the finale a very heartwarming moment as he is the key piece that pulls everything together! Throughout the series, we thought Hae Jun and Yoon Young were strangers that happened to bump into each other. But in reality, the storyline ties both families together as one set up for a remarkable ending!

What did you think of My Perfect Stranger? Did we convince you to watch it? If you've seen it, what was your most touching moment? Comment below. We want to hear from you!


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