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K-POP COVERS: ENHYPEN covers BTS' "I Need U" Our Feelings and Yours!

It's the best feeling when your music is on shuffle and the songs you once obsessed over and loved come back and make your heart beat faster or that warm feeling of comfort and familiarity set in. The same goes for K-pop covers! When new groups go back to the classics - warmth and goodness just take over! That's what we felt when we watched and listened to ENHYPEN's cover of "I Need U" by BTS. Calling ALL ENGENE!

The cover was posted on K-Pop On! Spotify's YouTube Channel!

Check it out below:

BTS' Original "I Need U" MV:

Our Highlights of Enhypen's performance of "I Need U" included:

  • Ni-ki's RAP!

  • The chill vibe of the song

  • Ni-ki's Rap! (We loved it)

Here's what you loved:

We love a good K-Pop cover! And this definitely revives the past in the best way possible!

Here is more from ENHYPEN on their cover of "I Need U" by BTS:

What did you think of the cover? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments below!



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