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K-pop fans beg JYPE/SM to remove groups associated with/promoting Starbucks

Amid the terrible controversial war in Israel-Hamas war, K-pop fans have had enough of the mega coffee chain using their K-pop idols to advertise and promote their products. We cover what fans are saying and how Starbucks is retaliating.

Jeon Somi (left) and Yujin (IVE) holding Starbucks cups
Jeon Somi (left) and Yujin (IVE) holding Starbucks cups

Trending on Twitter (X), the phrase "Hello JYPE" and "#SM_BOYCOTT_GENOCIDE" has over 66,100 posts making it one of the most trending issues on the social platform. The reason: K-pop fans are voicing their concerns to the entertainment company to stop using their idols to promote and/or be associated with any of their products. Here's what they posted.

Starbucks executives have been under the microscope during these allegations stating, "Protestors influenced by misrepresentation on social media of what we stand for" says chief executive Laxman Narasimhan last week. Cities around the world have seen a sharp rise in protestors outside of Starbucks locations voicing their concerns about the company's failing image with the public regarding the Israel-Hamas war.

Starbucks workers have voiced their concerns over social media as they have pushed customers to stop supporting the company. In their latest post on December 2, they asked customers to "say NO" to Starbucks gift cards this holiday.

Starbucks workers have released a letter on social media stating their stance against the war.

Starbucks has decided to sue the workers union on October 18 for infringement of their logo claiming that social media has damaged their reputation. Since then, Starbucks has lost over $11 billion in value.

What about the idols?

This brings us to the next issue: What about the K-pop idols? Should they also be held responsible if they are caught promoting or being associated with Starbucks?

Jeon Somi has been under fire for her TikTok video using a Starbucks tumbler before applying her makeup. Fans are on edge as both supporters and accusers raid her comment section.

What are your thoughts about K-pop idols either drinking their favorite Starbucks drink on their own time? Should they stop drinking Starbucks until the war ends? Comment with your thoughts below!


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