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KBOP Fun Fest: Bop 2 The Top!

This K-pop dance cover event aims to boost brand awareness as they are rebranding to Lica Center OAX Cainta. It also aims to generate foot traffic, gain new leads, expand their networks, open opportunities, and celebrate diverse K-pop culture! Let's take a look at the events!

List of Activities:

1. K-POP Dance Mania

An event showcasing various and popular dance choreography of a K-POP Group which aims to bring out the best version of each participant!

2. K-POP Public Random Dance

An activity highlighting random popular k-pop songs and let the participants dance to the beat of their favorite group/song.

3. K-POP I-Doll Up (Best K-POP Outfit & Best K-POP Random Dance Performer Award)

This activity flaunts the best costume or outfit among the participants in recognition of their remarkable and alluring looks coming to the convention. It also highlights the good-looking person who stands out to the crowd like their idols!

Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate K-BOP experience! 🎉

Prepare for an electrifying journey into the world of Korean culture, music, and drama. Don't miss out on the excitement - secure your spot now!

Click the link to register:


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