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Kim Sae Ron's 4-day timeline of suspicious photo with Kim Soo Hyun!

Four days after actress Kim Sae Ron uploaded the controversial photo of herself and fellow actor Kim Soo Hyun cheek to cheek which sparked netizens scurrying to their keyboards to wonder if the two are in a relationship. We review the self-inflicted incident from the beginning!

Sunday, March 24

On the morning of March 24, 2024, Kim Sae Ron posted the controversial photo of herself and actor Kim Soo Hyun without any explanation and deleted it within three minutes. The photo showed her placing her cheek against his in an affectionate manner and although it was deleted in a short time, spread like wildfire on the internet!

It was revealed by OSEN's exclusive report that the photo was in the past and concluded that the two were not in a relationship. Kim Soo Hyun's agency denied the rumors saying, "The rumor of love is unfounded. It seems that the photos that are posted online were taken when they were in the same agency in the past." Embarrassed, Kim Soo Hyun said "Her [Kim Sae Ron's] intentions were unknown."

Monday, March 25

The next day, a media outlet reported that it had a conversation with Kim Sae Ron claiming, "We are currently organizing our position. We will deliver our position as soon as it is organized." Adding more to the confusion, Kim Sae Ron's social media account has been quiet since the photo was uploaded.

Tuesday, March 26

Netizens accused Kim Sae Ron as being "impulsive" and "unstable" with her public image. As the story become progressively more controversial, Kim Sae Ron apologized for her "impulsiveness" and "instability".

Kim Sae Ron had cut off any communication with friends and family throughout this ordeal. It seemed that Sae Ron wanted to show her support for Kim Soo Hyun due to his popularity in his current drama Queen of Tears.

Wednesday, March 27

A media outlet reported that Kim Sae Ron has decided not to speak on the matter stating, "I think it will be helpful not to say anything." They also concluded that the fact that since she chose not to say anything, she couldn't find anything to say.

We feel that lots of media outlets are twisting Kim Sae Ron's words and actions into making this controversy a "big deal". We feel that Sae Ron really did just post a friendly photo in support of her friend and the media has blown it out of context.

Let us know your thoughts on this controversial topic! Should Korean celebrities be more careful about what they post on their social media? Or should Kim Sae Ron at least put an explanation below the image to clear up any misconceptions? Comment below with your thoughts!

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