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Netflix's "Bloodhounds" Makes An Epic Splash Into The Underworld of Korea's Money-Lending Business

Grimy and bloody, Netflix's adaption of the webtoon "Sanyanggaedeul” by Jung Chan had its share of scandals before the series aired. But it has rebounded in its epic debut over the past weekend! We share three reasons why Bloodhounds should be at the top of your streaming playlist!

Woo Do Han (left) and Lee Sang Yi star in Netflix's action crime series "Bloodhounds" (Netflix)
Woo Do Han (left) and Lee Sang Yi star in Netflix's action crime series "Bloodhounds" (Netflix)

Laced in Scandal

Back in April 2022, actress Kim Sae Ron, who plays the role of Kim Hyeon Ju, was indicted on drunk driving charges during last year's incident in Gangnam. She was slapped with a fine of 20 million KRW ($15,168.19 USD) and vowed to never drink again. Sae Ron isn't a stranger to controversy as she has previously run-ins with the law about underage drinking and smoking.

The director of Bloodhounds, Kim Joo Hwan, decided to remove most of her parts since she was an integral part of the story and they had already finished filming, therefore couldn't cut all of her scenes out.


A promising amateur boxer, Kim Gun Woo (Woo Do Han Joseon Attorney: A Morality 2023), is a hard worker and has ambitions of becoming a professional boxer. He meets Hong Woo Jin (Lee Sang Yi Crash Course in Romance 2023) during an amateur boxing match and quickly befriends him. The two take on the dangerous underworld of money lending as Gun Woo's mother's cafe is caught under a powerful loan shark company, Smile Company. With the help of Kim Hyeon Ju (Kim Sae Ron), the three young hotheads take on the godfather of South Korea's money-lending business.

Why you need to be watching!

Adrenaline pumping and heart racing, Bloodhounds will definitely get your emotions going as this team of amateur fighters take on pretty much take on a rich gangster with powerful connections. We give you three reasons why Bloodhounds won't disappoint you!

1. Action-packed adrenaline rush!

Bloodhounds will take you to the edge of your seat as each fight scene is so well-choreographed and realistic! Bringing boxing style to a street fight is such a joy to watch as the two main leads battle it out night after night with a flock of gangsters!

Every episode presents a challenge to the team as they put themselves in danger using only street smarts as navigation. With some comedic moments between brothers, it definitely makes for a more pleasant watch!

2. Brotherly love

Korean men love talking about the time when they served in the military. In fact, all Korean adult men have to serve. So when two strangers (men) meet, they more often than not, bond over their military service. Bloodhounds show realism through this brotherhood bond between the two main characters. In fact, it is because of this bond that they have such respect for each other and are willing to fight for each other! We love it!

3. Compassion for those weaker

Bloodhounds has a hero-esque underdog vibe that everyone loves! With no formal training, two ordinary guys take on an entire gang of villains. With the help and guidance of older professionals, they seek justice for those weaker and unable to help themselves.

When the main character, Kim Gun Woo's mother is threatened by the sinister loan shark, Kim Myeong Gil (Park Sung Woong Gentleman 2022), Hong Woo Jin steps in to help his friend whom he's only met for a total of a couple of days! Talk about brotherly love and compassion!

Let us know if we've convinced you to watch Bloodhounds! It is currently available for streaming on Netflix! Comment below!


Jun 17, 2023

Definitely will be in my movie list!


Charles Theo Magno
Charles Theo Magno
Jun 15, 2023

Soooo excited to watch it on netflix🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

Jon Lui
Jon Lui
Jun 18, 2023
Replying to

It's sooo good! A Must-Watch!

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