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Korean Ambassador Stumbles Upon An Egyptian Girl Selling Korean Street Food!

After stumbling upon a post about an Egyptian girl selling Korean food and being passionate about Korean culture, the ambassador of the Republic of South Korea in Cairo decided to visit her. He was eager to taste her food and learn more about her love for his country's culture. The girl's story had captured his attention and he wanted to show his support!

In Maadi, Haneen, an Egyptian woman was carrying a food box with the flag of Korea on it, filled with cultural food to generate income. As she stands in the street, a formal-suited man approaches her, showing interest in her product who turns out to be Hong Jin Wook, the ambassador of the Republic of South Korea in Cairo! It came as a surprise to Haneen, who was able to identify someone of such an esteemed position.

Source : Elwatannews

Hong Jin Wook commended the Egyptian girl's efforts to introduce Korean food to the streets of Egypt. He expressed his appreciation for her passion and acknowledged the impact of her initiative in spreading Korean culture. The Embassy also voiced its support for her work. Such efforts in cross-cultural exchange further strengthen ties between nations and promote mutual understanding.

Haneen mentioned that some Korean food ingredients are not readily available, so she uses alternative options and spends time and effort in searching and bringing them. However, for Haneen, the most crucial aspect is to properly convey the essence of Korean cuisine!

How is Korean cuisine introduced in your country? Are you able to try it? You can also cook it at home with these easy recipes!


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