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[Korean Fridays] Deciphering "A Song For You" by NU'EST!

Discover the secret behind NU'EST's fan-favorite anthem, "A Song For You", Get ready to embark on a linguistic journey and uncover the hidden meanings within its poetic verses!

NU'EST is a South Korean boy band created in 2012 by the label Pledis Entertainment. The group consists of five members: JR, Aron, Minhyun, Baekho, and Ren. One of their most beloved songs among fans is "A Song For You."

In today's Korean learning lesson, we will explore the lyrics of this song to understand why it holds such significance for its fans. So, let's begin!

● Now, let's dive into some of the song's lyrics, and afterwards, we will provide questions about them!

이 노래 들어요 다 알 수가 있죠

Listen to this song and you will know everything

당연했던 모든 게

Everything I took for granted

너의 고마움이란 걸 채워둔 일기야

It is a diary filled with my gratitude for you

비탈길에 나는 널 마음껏 표현치 못했던

On an uphill road, I was not able to express you as much as I wanted

휘청이는 힘없는 내가 싫었죠

I didn't like the weak me

눈물길에 손을 내준 너

On the path of tears, you reach your hand out to me

이 노래 들어요

I listen to this song

네가 외롭다 말하면 좀 더 안아주고

When you say you're lonely, I'll hug you tighter

보고 싶다 말하면 네 앞에 있을게

If you say you miss me, I'll be in front of you

● Here are some questions based on the lyrics:

Which term refers to "music" in Korean?

A) 노래

B) 음악

C) 축제

D) 파티

What does "당연했던 모든 게" mean in English?

A) Everything

B) Some

C) Nothing

Which Korean word means “some” or “a few”?

A) 모든

B) 어떤

C) 아무

Which word from the sentence means “diary”?

A) 일기야

B) 고마움

C) 너의


A) Strong

B) Weak

C) Tall


A) You

B) Me

C) Them


A) Liked

B) Disliked

C) Ignored

Which word in the sentence means “miss”?

A) 보고

B) 싶다

C) 말하면

Which word in the sentence means “say”?

A) 보고

B) 말하면

C) 네

Which word in the sentence means “in front of”?

A) 앞에

B) 있을게

C) 네

Try to answer all of these questions to expand your vocabulary and enhance your learning journey!

After listening to the song and reflecting on its meaning, what was your favorite line? What new word did you learn today? Would you like to see part 2 of this Korean learning article? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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