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Learn Korean With K–drama 'Bad And Crazy'!

If you haven't watched the K–drama "Bad And Crazy", what are you waiting for? Go do it right now! You will not regret it!

In episode 4, the main character Ryu Soo Yeol (Lee Dong Wook Strangers From Hell 2019) is broke and forced to move back in with his mother when he says this:

His exact words are:

"금방 나가, 금방 나가"

금방 means "in a moment" or "soon", whereas "나가" means "to go out".

So altogether we would translate it to something like: "I'll be out of here soon".

Right then, though, Ryu Soo Yeol's alter ego, K (Wi Ha Joon Little Women 2022), slaps him on the back of his head and corrects him by simply saying one word: "".

What is ""?

It is the little suffix Koreans add at the end of their sentences when they want to be polite. It is especially used with people older than the speaker or in a higher position.

So, in this scene, K is telling Soo Yeol to show more respect toward his mom.

Interesting, right? If you go to Korea, don't forget to add this little particle at the end of your sentences!


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