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Learn Korean From The Most Popular Animated Show "Jadoo"! (Part 2)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the learning Korean lesson of this week!!

In the previous learning Korean article we learned some Korean sentences from Jadoo, and we answered some simple questions as if we are in a Topik exam!

Today, we are going to give you the answers to the previous learning Korean article and we will give you the last scene of this lesson!

Try to improve your Korean language through the scenes questions, vocabulary, or sentences to help you in the Topik exams!

● Scene 1 :

A- 그들은 집에서 서로 ... ( At home they... )

  1. 도와준다 (help each other)

  2. 도와준다 (help each other)

  3. 소리 지른다 (scream)

The answer will be 1 & 2, and don't forget to read the Hangul carefully.

  1. 나쁜 아버지 (Bad father)

  2. 훌륭한 아버지 (Good father)

  3. 게으른 아버지 (Lazy father)

The answer will be number 2, and don't forget to know the meaning of those three adjectives.

● Scene 2 :

  1. 일요일 (Sunday)

  2. 월요일 (Monday)

  3. 금요일 (Friday)

The answer will be number 1, and don't forget to know the meaning of the other days of the week.

  1. 네 (Yes)

  2. 아니요 (No)

The answer will be number 1, and don't forget to know how to write the word "Yes" and "No" in Korea.

● Scene 3 :

The conversation:

자, 다음은... 최자두!

Okay. Next is Jadoo!

전 다음에 하면 안될까요?

Can I go another time?



그게 무슨 말이야?

What do you mean?

친구들 부모님하고 저희 부모님은 너무 다른 거 같아서요.

I think my parents are too different from everyone else's parents.

만약 이 사실이 알려지면

If people knew the truth

우리 엄마, 아빠 이미지에 커다란 타격이.

It would hurt my parents' image.

까불지 말고 빨리 나와!

Stop fooling around and come up front!

으윽.. 네.

Gulp. Okay.

지금부터 우리 엄마, 아빠에 대해 발표하겠습니다.

I'm going to talk about my mom and dad now.

평소에 심장이 안 좋거나 잘 놀라는 친구들은 귀를 막고 있도록 해.

If you have a weak heart or get scared easily, please cover your ears.

선생님도 조심하세요.

Teacher, you be careful, too.

결혼에 대한 환상이 확 깨질 수도 있으니까요.

Because it might ruin your fantasy about marriage.

역시, 자두야.

Oh, Jadoo.

우리 엄마랑 아빠는 혈액형부터 성격까지 모든 것이 다른데

My parents are different in every way, even in their blood types and personalities.

어떻게 같이 사시는 지 모르겠어요.

I have no idea how they can be together.

저기, 자두야?

Um, Jadoo?

왜들 이래요?

What's wrong with you guys?

아직 시작도 안 했는데.

I haven't even begun.

  1. 같다 (the same)

  2. 다르다 (different)

The answer will be number 2.

  1. 아니요

The answer will be number 2.

And that's it! Was the today's Korean lesson useful for you?

Let us know if you want an another part from this type of learning Korean lessons and what did you learned from this lesson!


great way to learn!


May 19, 2023

Thank you for sharing. I learned new words. 훌륭한 and 혈액형.

Jon Lui
Jon Lui
May 19, 2023
Replying to

Awesome! Let us know what else you would be interested in learning!


Feran Nova
Feran Nova
May 16, 2023

omg i know jadoo from eunchae lmao


May 15, 2023

감사합니다! It's really help me.


감사합니다 Im learning hangul and it helps a lot 🙂👍🏻

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