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Learning Korean Sentences for Real Life From "The K2" ( Part 2 )

The K2 is an action romance thriller that definitely should be on everyone's list!

Once you have learned to read Hangul (the Korean alphabet system), the next step to learning the Korean language is to begin collecting vocabulary.

This is the second part of the same K-drama that we showed you the last Friday, and here we'll show you some important sentences to use in real life!

Scene 1 :


I'm sorry

●너 속여서.

for lying to you.

●나 진짜 바보인가 봐.

I am really an idiot.


it's okay.


Don't cry.

Scene 2 :

●당신이야 말로 몰랐구나

No, it's you who didn't know.

●난 제히랑 떠날 거야

I'm going to leave with Je Ha.

●걔가 그렇게 말했니? 같이 떠나자고?

Is that what he said? that he wants to come with you?

Scene 3 :



●사모님 많이 주세요.

Please give me a lot.

●맛있게 드시고 건강 하세요.

Please eat up and stay healthy.

●많이 주세요.

Please give me a lot.

●더 필요한 거 없으세요?

Is there anything else you need?

●필요한 없으세으세요?

Do you need anything?


It's delicious.

After you finished watching all the 3 videos, what was the most informative sentence for you? Please let us know in the comments!

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It feels really good to learn Korean through kdramas.

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