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Learn Korean From BTS Jimin's "Promise"

BTS's Jimin has many solo songs that we can learn Korean from! Today we're going to use the words from Jimin's solo "Promise" in sentences that we can use in our daily lives!

"Promise" is a sad song where BTS’s Jimin has shared the emotional story behind his first self-composed.

Jimin also spoke more specifically about what had inspired him to write the song.

”If I’m having a hard time, I want to be able to say honestly that I’m having a hard time. But because I can’t do that, I get frustrated watching myself. I think that’s why I ended up writing the song.”

● The song lyrics :

Sitting alone, my mind keeps going for away

🎵 혼자 주저앉아 생각만 커져가 🎵

Since when did I gave pain to you, you're going further away

🎵언제부터 넌 날 아프게했던가 너조자도 모르잖아🎵

He talked about the song’s lyrics, explaining :

“If you listen to the song, I use the word (You) a lot .. (You) actually means (Me).

Because this was originally a song that I wanted to write to myself ”


Now from the first sentence we could use some words in other sentences.

🎵 혼자 주저앉아 생각만 커져가 🎵

혼자 : alone


● 저는 혼자만의 시간이 필요해요

I need some time alone.

혼자 살다

live alone.

생각: think, remember


● 우산을 어디다 두었는지 생각이 안 난다

I can't remember where I put my umbrella.

Back to the second sentence we could also use some words to make other sentences we can use in our daily.

🎵언제부터 넌 날 아프게했던가 너조자도 모르잖아🎵

언제: when


● 서울에는 언제 오셨어요?

When did you come to Seoul?

날: day


● 시험 볼 이 며칠 안 남았다

We only have a few days left before the examination.

모르다: do not know/understand


● 당신은 모르는 것이 없군요

You seem to know everything

● 나는 모르는 일이에요

I don't know anything about it.

Were these sentences useful to you? Do you think that Jimin is finally recovered from his pain? Tell us your opinion in the comments!


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