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Lee Bo Young's new drama "Hide" hits number 1! Here's why you need to be watching!

Filled with drama, suspense, and the unknown, Coupang Play's new thriller Hide starring award-winning actress Lee Bo Young has catapulted to the top of this season's viewership ratings in just the premiere weekend! We break down three reasons why Hide should be at the top of your spring K-drama rotation!


Oblivious to her husband's disappearance after a missing court date, Na Moon Young (Lee Bo Young), begins to wonder why he never came back home. Worried after just 24 hours after his disappearance, Moon Young decides to take matters into her own hands to find out what happened.

As she begins to investigate the case her husband had been working on, Moon Young begins to put together some shady characters, including some close acquaintances, behind her husband's reported death. Entangled in a strange web of mysterious murders and disappearances, she begins to put the pieces together, risking her safety.

We are loving this series so far! We want to share three reasons why you should be watching Hide!

1. The mysterious storyline will keep you hooked!

Interwoven in an intricate string of lies and deception, Hide offers a glimpse of what extent corporations in power have over the people they control. We are immediately thrown into a corporate scandal of Geumshin Development and a slew of missing witnesses and a potentially bribed judge in the first couple of episodes.

The more Na Moon Young tries to dig into this mysterious case, the more she finds out about the individuals associated with her missing husband, whom she believes did not kill himself.

2. Lee Bo Young's acting is brilliant!

As an award-winning actress, Lee Bo Young dazzles in her role as an attorney and a single mother who just "lost her husband". Painfully denying that her husband, Cha Sung Jae (Lee Mu Saeng), committed suicide, she recruits his employees to find out what he has been hiding from her all this time.

Driven to get to the bottom of his disappearance and determined to undermine the people behind all of this, she desperately uses her wit and intellect to get to the truth!

3. Every episode keeps us on the edge of our seats!

We love a K-drama that keeps us on edge! Although just premiering, Hide does a wonderful job of keeping the audience questioning each character's motives. Na Moon Young's only lead, Do Jin Woo (Lee Min Jae Crash Course in Romance 2023), is the only person alive she can trust, but what does he really want? It seems like he doesn't want anything to do with her, let alone help her.

Ma Kang of Geumshin Development seems to be very suspect in the way he treats her when she accuses him of having something on her husband. The way that Geumshin Development is "handling" all the suspects in the case also makes us wonder if they are really behind her missing husband's case.

Just two episodes in and we are already swarmed with questions! We can't wait for episode 3 to come out! Meanwhile, check out the teaser!

What are your thoughts about Hide? Have we piqued your interest yet? Comment below with your thoughts!


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