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"Love Like a K-Drama": Awkwardness and a clash of cultures?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Are you watching Love Like A K-Drama? We are! Love Like A K-Drama is a Japanese Reality TV show that was released on November 28, 2023. It centers around four Japanese actresses and four Korean actors who are trying their best to develop their acting skills and get into acting in K-Dramas and in the process see if a romance blooms! They audition for different K-Drama love story plotlines and see if feelings develop.

We decided to give this show a try because you know we love K-Dramas! Here is the Netflix trailer:

Who is ASIA?

Cast names and ages
Cast names and ages

A lot of people think Asian cultures are identical and that is just I guess a certain ignorance or lack of a willingness to learn and understand that different cultures can exist in different countries and even within different countries and different cities! Some people also forget that being Asian doesn't only mean being from China, Korea, or Japan! Many more Asian countries are in Asia and not everyone from Asia looks the "same".

For us, this show visibly highlighted the differences and similarities in cultures and perspectives between Japanese, Korean, and Western cultures. We also think language barriers and a certain shyness played a key role in the overall connection between the characters. It could also be the premise of feeling like they had to fall in love. This created an awkward tension for some of the cast on the show.

The Panel


If you're familiar with Korean Reality TV, you would know that these shows usually have a panel of people commenting on what is happening in the show - this is the same for this show!



It's an interesting watch for sure! The K-Drama plotlines they audition for are unique and it's great to see them slowly develop their skills as actors and actresses and see how their relationships and friendships develop and for some don't develop. It also shows the behind-the-scenes of romance dramas, so if you like the BTS of dramas as well this would be a great show to watch! The language of this show is primarily in Japanese with some Korean! Experience the heartbreaks, the butterflies, the rejections, the acceptances, the awkwardness with us!

If you're watching or have watched it comment below and let us know!

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Definitely going to watch it . Your writing makes me interesting towards this show.

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