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[Must do!] Enrich your knowledge of Korean history at the Seoul War Museum!

South Korea is rich in history and culture. But there is one place you must go to whenever you visit Seoul to actually understand and feel what it's really like to be "Korean". The Seoul War Museum, without question, should be on your bucket list of places to visit when you travel to Seoul! We take you through why this isn't your ordinary "boring" museum!

Photo: Lewis Hooper
Photo: Lewis Hooper

Korea has such a long and rich history and culture, which can be experienced at this museum. Typically museums can be boring and not to everyone's taste, however Seoul War Museum is so much more than a boring museum. It's interactive, interesting, and fun for all ages!

I have been to the museum about four times, since moving to Korea in 2020, and I experience something new each time.

One of the impressive factors about this museum is the outside section. Here you are able to walk around real tanks, boats, and planes that are decommissioned. The scale of these vehicles puts into perspective how scary they would have been for people when they were used in the war!

Of course, outside there is a tribute to the Korean War, and though it is still technically ongoing it made me take a moment to reflect on how symbolic the memorial and statues are.

Photo: Lewis Hooper
Photo: Lewis Hooper

Inside the museum, you can lose your thoughts in many exhibits from different points in history, and learn firsthand about the events that took place.

I recommend visiting the Seoul History Museum when you are in Seoul; it is a place that I would definitely go back to!

For more information check out the link below:

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