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'My Liberation Notes' Soars In Viewer Ratings In Finale!

May 29 marked the end of another amazing drama! Our favorite uninspiring siblings from 'My Liberation Notes' reported stellar ratings according to Nielsen Korea with the final episode scoring a nationwide rating of 6.7 percent, a new record for the show!

Son Seok Koo & Kim Ji Won star in 'My Liberation Notes' (JTBC)

JTBC has been sharing numerous behind-the-scenes content on their YouTube channel of the fun out-of-character cast that is worth a watch!

At the same time, tvN's 'Our Blues' soared to the highest rating yet. The latest episode of the star-studded drama reached a nationwide rating of 11.8 percent, taking first place in its time slot.

We're sad to see the end of another great drama! Check out our in-depth review here! This is a highly recommended drama by us! Many of the themes shared in this drama such as loneliness, work relationships, personal relationships, and being excited about life is very serious in South Korea today! Many Koreans feel that they're stuck in a vicious cycle of the monotony of everyday life and don't really have time to travel and experience what life has to offer. We feel that this drama created an accurate portrayal of these social and cultural issues that are at the forefront of today's Korean society.

What did you think? Are you sad to see it finish? Who were your favorite characters and why?


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