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Na In Woo was Park Min Young's savior long before they met! ["Marry My Husband" Ep. 5 Recap!]

Riding high as this winter's most popular drama, Na In Woo proves that he is not the second lead! In the most recent episode, he is there to protect Park Min Young long before she ever knew who he was! Read on as we break down the latest episode of Marry My Husband and its shocking secrets!


Back in 2005, Yoo Ji Hyeok (Na In Woo Longing For You 2023) bumped into Kang Ji Won (Park Min Young What's Wrong with Secretary Kim 2018) while on military holiday. In a drunken stupor, Ji Won spills that she had just lost her father in March earlier that year and had just broken up with her boyfriend. (By the way, we love Park Min Young's drunken acting! By far, one of the most convincing "drunk" people on the K-drama screen!)

In a heartfelt moment, the two dispel each other, their feelings, and inner thoughts together throughout the night. Ji Hyeok finds out the next day that Ji Won is an upperclassman at the same university. He begins to help Ji Won take care of a kitten, without her knowledge and the two begin to share an unbreakable bond.

The two are then reunited six years later in 2011 as Ji Won is introduced to Ji Hyeok's team at U&K Food where he was the General Manager. Looking back at all his missed opportunities to tell Ji Won his feelings, Ji Hyeok vows to make the most out of his present chances!

Ji Won isn't the only person time-traveling!

In a shocking twist, the storyline has brought us to believe that Ji Hyeok is also traveling back in time after a car accident! At the end of episode 4, we come to find out that whoever dies and comes back to life receives a blue heart on their body. It turns out that Ji Hyeok also has one on his collar!

An unexpected character shocks us!

We also are introduced more in-depth about Yoo Hui Yeon (Choi Gyu Ri). It turns out that although Ji Won thinks that she is Ji Hyeok's girlfriend, after seeing them come out of a boutique together, the opposite is even more shocking! Yoo Hui Yeon is actually Yoo Ji Hyeok's little sister! (No wonder she was able to buy all that designer jewelry and bags at the beginning of the series!)

Ji Won unlocks her past, Pandora's Box is opened!

After meeting her high school crush, Baek Eun Ho (Lee Gi Kwang from the K-pop group Highlight), she asks him out to dinner and shows her the note that she "allegedly" wrote back in high school rejecting him. It turns out that it was her best friend, Jung Soo Min (Song Ha Yoon Oh! Young Sim 2023), who forged her handwriting. Ji Won also finds out that it was Ji Hyeok who made Eun Ho go to her high school reunion!

Ji Hyeok to the rescue...again?

After having wine with Eun Ho, Ji Won walks home but is met with a jealous boyfriend, Park Min Hwan. After being told by Soo Min earlier that Ji Won's mother had an affair, Min Hwan assumes that she is seeing another man. Just when he grabs her arm and is about to hurt her our hero Ji Hyeok swoops in and throws him to the ground!

He confessed!

Through a misunderstanding that Yoo Hui Yeon is Yoo Ji Hyeok's girlfriend, Ji Hyeok confesses his long-suppressed feelings for Ji Won! (Our hearts exploded in satisfaction!) In the most sincere way, on top of a terrace overlooking Namsan Tower, we could feel that Ji Hyeok couldn't hold it in any longer and told her he liked her very much!

And that is how episode 5 ended! With Ji Hyeok fainting in Ji Won's arms as he takes her home. What did you think about this episode? Are you surprised at the amazing acting by the leads as well as the supporting cast? Comment below!

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