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Nam Joo Hyuk takes out the "garbage" in Korea's own version of "Batman"

Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, Twenty-Five Twenty-One's Nam Joo Hyuk stars in the new action/thriller series Vigilante! Filled with action-packed sequences and revenge for justice, we break down why Vigilante should be at the top of your winter watchlist!

Violent but satisfying Vigilante premiered on November 8 on Disney+ and definitely came out with a "bang"! The 8-episode limited series starring Nam Joo Hyuk (Start-Up 2020) as Kim Ji Yong, a model student at the police university, whose mother was violently murdered by a random thug for no reason, takes to the streets at night to exact revenge on criminals who have received light sentences and continue to commit criminal acts.

This new drama has us on the edge of our seats as Kim Ji Yong meticulously "takes out the garbage" one by one while avoiding being caught by both his own classmates at the police academy as well as the media. This thrilling adrenaline rush has us convinced that this is "one of the best" action/thrillers of this winter! We break down some reasons why Vigilante should be at the top of your action/thriller K-drama watchlist!

The stunt/choreography is "oh so good"!

"Vigilante" still (Disney+)
"Vigilante" still (Disney+)

Only two episodes in and we can tell that Nam Joo Hyuk did an amazing job in training for his new role as a vengeful police cadet. In shape and full of dark demeanor, his character is always "fit for action". The choreography is not too crazy, like a superhero movie, but more believable and common. Of course, Kim Ji Yong's martial arts skills are far beyond the skill of a normal police cadet, it's believable since we know that he spent 15 years planning on taking revenge on his mother's killer.

Nam Joo Hyuk makes his character "believable"

Nam Joo Hyuk as a police cadet by day, vigilante by night (Disney+)
Nam Joo Hyuk as a police cadet by day, vigilante by night (Disney+)

After killing his mother, the perpetrator gets a "slap on the wrist" sentence of 3 years in prison when Kim Ji Yong was young by pleading insanity. 15 years later, we are brought to the present where the murderer continues his vile ways by picking on a local bus driver and beating him senselessly in front of the passengers. Ji Yong hides in the shadows until he has the perpetrator alone and mercilessly "kung fu's" his ass. Yay! One for the good guys!

The revenge scenes are my secret guilty pleasure!

Kim Ji Yong faces his mother's killer ("Vigilante" episode 1)
Kim Ji Yong faces his mother's killer ("Vigilante" episode 1)

As the story progresses and watching each vile human being getting what they deserves, this sense of vigilante justice provides a soothing calm within us! With the constant reminder that in Korea, the police are often overlooked as "office workers that can carry a gun" and the Korean laws are often lax compared to Western counterparts, Vigilante provides a light insight into how many Koreans view the laws today.

So there you have it! An action-packed K-drama finally worth watching! Let us know your thoughts on Nam Joo Hyuk's acting and whether you agree with our points. Comment below!


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