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Netflix's "Narco-Saints" Targeted By Suriname Government

Popular Netflix's Korean drug trafficking tv series Nacro-Saints has been issued a warning from the Suriname government regarding a "misleading portrayal of the country" on September 15. The small country of about 613,000 people on the northeast coast of South America has been the backdrop of the six-part series released on September 9.

Ha Jung Woo stars as Kang In Gu in "Narco Saints" (Netflix)
Ha Jung Woo stars as Kang In Gu in "Narco Saints" (Netflix)

The Suriname government has threatened to take legal action against Netflix series producers stating the "negative portrayal of the country as a drug trafficking hub is unfair and puts the country at a disadvantage".

Albert Ramdin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Monday, "Suriname no longer has the image that emerges in the series or no longer participates in these kinds of practices." He added, "the aspect of free speech must be taken into account, but it's about creating a negative perception the whole world sees these things, so this is not good" about the country's efforts in terminating criminal activities that were portrayed in the series.

Hwang Jung Min (front left) stars as drug lord Choi Chang Ho (Netflix)
Hwang Jung Min (front left) stars as drug lord Choi Chang Ho (Netflix)

Narco-Saints is based on the true events of an ordinary Korean businessman, Kang In Gu (Ha Jung Woo Ashfall 2019) who travels to Suriname for a business opportunity exporting skate (a type of local fish) back to Korea. While working on his business there, he encounters a local drug lord who uses his product for drug shipments.

"Squid Game's" Park Hae Soo stars as Choi Chang Ho the leader of the NIS (Netflix)
"Squid Game's" Park Hae Soo stars as Choi Chang Ho the leader of the NIS (Netflix)

Things go awry between In Gu and the drug lord, "Pastor" Jeon Yo Hwan (Hwang Jung Min The Spy Gone North 2018) as Chang Ho threatens In Gu to help him ship his cocaine into South Korea. Meanwhile, In Gu poses as an inside-man for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), a secret government agency, to catch Chang Ho.

Although Foreign Minister Ramdin has said he is willing to take legal action against the series' producers for alleged defamation, Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it "has not received any official complaint from Suriname since the series has been aired," and that it is "trying to maintain friendly relations" with the South American country.

Narco-Saints is currently ranked third globally in Netflix's TV series. It is the most watched show in eight regions and the 5th most popular series in the United States.

Our thoughts.

This is a very intriguing show as it shows the life of an ordinary businessman willing to sacrifice himself for the good of his family. Although he doesn't agree with the strategies and methods used by the NIS, he is still determined to make it back home to his wife and children. The acting by the two main characters, Choi In Gu and Jeon Yo Hwan are marvelous! Hwang Jung Min has really pulled off the Korean pastor's look and voice! From a pure entertainment value, we feel this show is a must-watch!

Let us know your thoughts about this situation! Should Korea issue a statement of apology? Or since it's a television show, nothing will happen.

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