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Netizens are not excited about BABYMONSTER, and it's not only because of their age...

YG Entertainment's new girl group, BABYMONSTER, is taking the internet by storm! And not in a good way. Their new debut single "Batter Up" garnered over 69 million views in just 8 days, and netizens are expressing their displeasure about YG's new girl group. Read on to find out what the issue is!

BABYMONSTER (YG Entertainment)
BABYMONSTER (YG Entertainment)

BABYMONSTER debuted their first single "Batter Up" just 8 days ago and so far, it has left the internet in a huge dispute over the group as well as their management company YG Entertainment. Many K-pop critics are saying that their debut "was a flop", however, having their first single watched over 69 million times, we beg to differ. Other K-pop fans are complaining that YG is exploiting underage girls: Ruka (21), Pharita (18), Asa (17), Rami (16), Rora (15), and Chiquita (14). Their one inactive member, Ahyeon is 16 years old. Let's take a look at their first single "Batter Up"!

Not bad for a group of teenagers right? With the swag, spiciness, and dance moves to match, BABYMONSTER is seriously causing a stir in the K-pop scene!

More on what Netizens are saying

After scouring K-pop forums, we found many netizens are not complaining about the group themselves, but more about the management. YG has been openly criticized for the mishandling of their star K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's termination contracts for the past several months. Netizens are worried that if YG cannot even handle the careers of the four members in BLACKPINK, how can they handle the careers of the seven members from BABYMONSTER?

One netizen further explained that YG has wasted the potential of BLACKPINK by not offering creative control to its members as well as only coming out with 22 songs after 6 years. They seemed to be worried that although BABYMONSTER shows great promise of success in the industry, it will be YG who is the ultimate barrier to their success.

More on song style

Some fans are comparing BABYMONSTER's debut song is just not up to par. Some fans are saying that the song itself "isn't bad, it's just dated". Fans are getting tired of YG reusing the same sound and styles as other previous groups such as 2NE1. You can check out more from this video.

So what are your thoughts about BABYMONSTER's debut? Was it a flop or a success? Let us know in the comments below!


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