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New Girl-Group NewJeans' the New Face of Hybe?

Have you heard about NewJeans yet? They are a brand new K-pop group from a ARDOR, a subgroup of Hybe Corp., that manages BTS. They were supposed to debut last year but debuted in July 2022 due to COVID-19. This group had big shoes to fill with that background, especially with BTS on hiatus, and did not disappoint in any aspect. You can check out their debut single "Attention" below!

This debut music video shows the girls running around Los Angeles and dancing to the chill electronic pop beat. "Attention" is a short song at just 3:00 on the dot which is reflective of the current trend of songs being shorter in favor of being popular on TikTok. While it is short, it is catchy and upbeat. It feels youthful and new amongst the songs currently out right now. The members are all teenagers and have such beautiful, unique faces. Certain members have been especially popular due to the Hyejin being just 14 years old and already as beautiful as Minji's gorgeous traditionally Korean features.

Other than being so beautiful, they have been quite busy keeping their names in the limelight. In the last three weeks, they have released and performed 3 singles for their fans on music shows. They definitely do not lose any attention from fans or critics. This young group has started with a bang and is sure to continue to amaze as they promote. Check out their performance of their latest single down below!

What are your thoughts on NewJeans debut? Do you have a favorite song or member? Let us know below!


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