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New Jeans Or BLACKPINK!? | Jennie ended this question!

Each country has different rules and ways to show respect, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie has gained praise for her behavior when visiting a place of worship in Saudi Arabia while on their world tour!

BLACKPINK Jennie Wears A Hijab At The Sheikh Zayed Abu Dhabi Mosque
BLACKPINK Jennie Wears A Hijab At The Sheikh Zayed Abu Dhabi Mosque

K-pop idols have many fans from all countries and nations around the world, so they recently have been traveling a lot to see their fans as it is difficult for many of their fans to go to Korea.

Today's topic is about BLACKPINK members who have traveled to many countries during their recent "Born Pink" world tour!

BLACKPINK recently held their concert in Saudi Arabia on January 20th, 2023, it's their first time performing in an Arab country.

For the first time, the Saudi Arabia government specially decorated its towers and areas with pink for BLACKPINK in preparation for the BLACKPINK concert!

It is how the city of Riyadh welcomes BLACKPINK.

Fans were concerned about what BLACKPINK would wear as Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country and the group's usual concert outfits are quite revealing.

A lot of fans loved the fact that BLACKPINK changed some of their outfits to suit Riyadh culture and fans praised them for it!

Blackpink in Riyadh by a Twitter user @UK_BLINKS

On the other hand, some fans compared BLACKPINK to the new K-pop girl group NewJeans as the band was more modest and showed more respect than BLACKPINK. This made them question "Which of them was the best in Saudi Arabia?"

But in the end, both groups deserved to be labeled as "the best" since they were respectable to the culture and adjusted their clothing to suit it!

After BLACKPINK performed in Saudi Arabia, Jennie posted a picture of herself wearing a hijab on Instagram saying:

" Exploring while touring 🌏 "

After that Jennie posted that post, she has continually gone viral for her stunning outfits.

She was especially receiving praise for the changes she implemented during the Riyadh concert, and her respect for the mosque by wearing hijab in it.

She was also so remarkable while performing with her acting, her cuteness, and or course, her outfit!

Is your favorite K-pop idol respective to local cultures? Let us know your thoughts!


I don’t like new jeans nor baby monster new jeans want attaiomn and baby monster wants fame

i love black pink

tg renew third contract


Feb 17, 2023

She is precious. I love you, Jennie. 🖤


They show their respect by changing their outfits♡ this girl group deserve the world!! I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!,♥

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