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"One Dollar Lawyer's" Cheon Ji Hun Makes A Special Appearance in "Taxi Driver"!

Lee Je Hoon goes under the knife in the latest episodes of Taxi Driver! The handsome crime-fighting taxi driver, known for his ability to blend in while wearing some slick shades, was in some deep trouble. He bumped into much-needed help from One Dollar Lawyer's Cheon Ji Hun (Namkoong Min) on the way to solving this week's case! Let's get into what happened!

** Contains spoilers!

This past week's "Han Jae Duk's Case" tested our "Taxi Squad" intently as the team was finally able to apprehend a medical malpractice case. Headed by Dr. Ahn Young Sook (Lee Hang Na Island 2022), a hospital director, who created the "perfect crime" by getting through a loophole in the law by targeting the elderly who don't have families, putting her as the offender and their guardian at the same time!

The "Taxi Squad" had a difficult time figuring out how Dr. Ahn was able to manipulate the legal system in order to get what she wanted. In comes Cheon Ji Hun from One Dollar Lawyer to save the day! When Kim Do Ki (Lee Je Hoon) is stuck trying to solve the case, Cheon Ji Hun suddenly appears for a much-needed coffee break in episode 9!

Cheon Ji Hun also praises Kim Do Ki by saying:

"I've noticed something about you. You’re quite reserved. You have a great voice. And you’re handsome.”

Lawyer Cheon also analyzes the victim, Mr. Han Jae Duk, saying that people must have doubted his sincerity during the trial since he is a construction worker. It gave Do Ki the last amount of confidence to take on the case!

As the case continues into episode 10, we can't help but notice Lawyer Cheon also makes a subtle cameo on the "Monthly Law" Magazine cover!

If you don't understand why these two main characters might run into each other, we'll tell you why! Taxi Driver and One Dollar Lawyer have the same production company in Studio S! They also are broadcasted on the same network SBS TV! Combined with both of these characters having a sense of duty to help those in need, it makes total sense that they bump into each other!

Let us know if you were surprised as well! Have you seen One Dollar Lawyer? Give us your opinion!


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