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"Trolley" Ends in A Wild Ride!

SBS's melodrama Trolley ended with a rollercoaster of emotions as tensions ride high between husband and wife in the finale of what many could only feel as shocking! We fill you in with all the startling details of a wild ending!

Tensions boil over between Nam Joong Do & Jang Woo Jae in the season finale of "Trolley" (SBS)
Tensions boil over between Nam Joong Do & Jang Woo Jae in the season finale of "Trolley" (SBS)

**Spoiler Alert!

The final episode of this mystery thriller begins with Kim Hye Joo (Kim Hyun JooJung_E 2023) in the middle of a press conference she called to expose the heinous crimes her husband, Assemblyman Nam Joong Do (Park Hee Soon Dr. Brain 2021), have commited. Knowing how this all can backfire against her family especially her daughter, Nam Yoon Seo (Choi Myung Bin Twenty Five Twenty One 2022). After learning the truth from her husband, Hye Joo confronts her long time friend and victim, Hyun Yeo Jin (Seo Jung Yeon Reborn Rich 2022), to reconcile and ask for forgiveness.

The Truth Behind Nam Ji Hoon's Death Is Finally Revealed!

After teasing the audience multiple times about how Assemblyman Joong Do's son, Nam Ji Hoon died, his faithful assistant, Jang Woo Jae (Kim Mu Yeol Juvenile Justice 2022), begs him to reconsider owning up to his mistakes. He recounts the night he met Ji Hoon and how he negligently decided not to save him since he promised Joong Do that he would "do anything to help him succeed". So although Ji Hoon did die from drowning, it was Woo Jae that decided not to jump in and save him!

Jang Woo Jae confronts Nam Joong Do's about his son's death. (SBS)
Jang Woo Jae confronts Nam Joong Do's about his son's death. (SBS)

Hye Joo's Finds Closure With Her Childhood Best Friend

Hye Joo's childhood best friend, Jin Seung Hee (Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung Cheer Up 2022), has been a constant thorn in her side always threatening her with exposing the "truth" about how her brother was framed by Hye Joo. Seung Hee finally finds out the truth when her mother slips up and confesses to lying about her brother. She finds out that her brother was the one who actually sexually molested Hye Joo during high school and eventually goes back to Hye Joo apologizing to how she's been treating her. The two share a heart-warming scene looking at each other and reminiscing about their close high school friendship.

Ending Thoughts

It was a slow but thrilling ride as this 16-episode series comes to an end! There was some heartbreak, tears were shed, and a feeling of closure gave us a clean ending we all expected! We're mostly glad that Hye Joo finally got the ending she deserved; a friendship renewed with her best childhood friend, a better relationship with her daughter, forgiving and looking out for her close victimized friend, and a good clean cut/divorce from her monster of a husband.

Let us know whether you enjoyed this drama or not! We feel that although it was a good drama, it wasn't the best. Everything was very neatly wraped up by the last episode and there was a feel-good ending, but it seemed like there needed to be something more to put it over the top and competing with rival dramas.


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