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"Reborn Rich" And Song Joong Ki Captures the Hottest Trendy Drama Search Out Now!

JTBC's most thrilling fall drama Reborn Rich starring heartthrob Song Joon Ki has proven to be a great success as the first eight episodes have garnered first-place viewership ratings and most popular topic for web searches right now (according to Good Data)! The latest episode, which premiered on December 4, received the highest viewership ratings as of yet with 19.449% of nationwide viewership, good for first place! Let's check out why this drama has everyone tuning in!

Song Joong Ki stars as Jin Do Jun in "Reborn Rich" (JTBC still)
Song Joong Ki stars as Jin Do Jun in "Reborn Rich" (JTBC still)

As of the end of November 4, the rankings for the most searched K-dramas and K-drama actors/actresses were released by Good Data as follows:

Most searched K-dramas:

  1. Reborn Rich

  2. Under the Queen's Umbrella

  3. The First Responders

  4. Behind Every Star

  5. Summer Strike

  6. Three Bold Siblings

  7. Cheer Up

  8. Curtain Call

  9. Vengeance of theBride

  10. Love Is for Suckers

Most searched K-drama actors/actresses:

  1. Song Joong Ki

  2. Shin Hyun Bin

  3. Lee Sung Min

  4. Moon Sang Min

  5. Kim Seol Hyun

  6. Im Si Wan

  7. Bae In Hyuk

  8. Kim Rae Won

  9. Joo Hyun Young

  10. Gong Seung Yeon

Reborn Rich reclaimed the lead in both most search drama and most searched actor (Song Joong Ki) from Under the Queen's Umbrella and Lee Seo Jin from Behind Every Star which held the lead in their respective categories two weeks ago.

Why watch Reborn Rich?

Song Joong Ki delivers a powerful and compelling role as South Korea's wealthiest and most powerful chaebol grandson. In the most recent episodes, he takes on his most worthy adversary, his grandfather, Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min Money Game 2020). The relationship between the two is like a cat-and-mouse chess match of business intellect. Each episode has us on the edge of our seats wondering what plan Song Joong Ki has to get an advantage over his grandfather!

Equipped with the knowledge of the future, we can't help but crack a small smile when future companies and trends such as "eSports" and "Amazon" are mentioned in the drama.

Let us know if you agree with this list! Have you watched this drama? How did it make you feel?

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Chuba Choo Choo
Chuba Choo Choo
10 dic 2022

I seeing this drama alot in my facebook feed, this seems to be a another korean drama✨ and Song Joong ki is so handsomeeeeeee😭💗

Me gusta
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