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"Reborn Rich" Continues to Heat Up With A Passionate Kiss!

Riding on its current success, JTBC's Reborn Rich continues to soar as it continued its first place in viewership! We can't ignore the fact that during the latest episode was the "passionate kiss" moment that had us all holding our breaths!

As Jin Do Jun (Song Joong Ki) continues his meteoric rise to swallow up Soonyang Group one by one, he faces a crisis in Miracle Investment as the daughter of a large newspaper prints false accusations about Miracle Investment's insider trading habits. In order to combat this attack and being accused by his now girlfriend, Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Been), Do Jun is forced to sell his overseas shares.

Between acquiring his aunt's Soonyang Department store and his uncle's Soonyang financial services, Do Jun learns to juggle his family members' growing anger and hatred toward him, driving a rift between him and his extended family.

With all of this business talk going on, it was refreshing to see Do Jun's personal relationship with Min Young develop and grow into a more romantic one as we witness their first kiss!

The intense lip-locking scene reminded us of a more western-style romance scene as we can clearly tell that the kiss was real!

What other passionate K-drama kiss scenes made you feel lovey-dovey inside? Let us know!


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