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Red Velvet's Wendy releases 1st teaser poster for solo comeback in 3 years! Here's what fans are saying!

Red Velvet's Wendy is back with her second solo mini-album titled "Wish You Hell" for the first time in three years! We break down the album concept and what fans have been saying over the first nine hours of its release! Let's get into it!

Released on Monday, February 9 on Red Velvet's official Twitter (X) account, the poster teaser for Wendy's new mini solo album has caused quite the stir among fans within a short period of time! Let's dive into the details!

Showcasing a simple blackboard with a heart drawn in the middle in a white room with folding metal chairs, the concept is quite unimpressive, at first. You must look into the details for the meanings within the photo to understand what it is saying!

First: There are five chairs. We're thinking it is representing the five members of the group: Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, Joy, and Yeri.

Second: The blue ribbon strung across the chairs are Wendy's representative color. It could also mean the bond within the group since it is connecting all of the chairs?

Third: The "BE YOU" sign front and center can't be ignored! We're thinking that this album will be about Wendy unfiltered!

What fans are saying!

Of course we can't ignore what ReVeluv (Red Velvet fandom name) are saying about the new name and concept of the mini-album!

"Like Water and Wish you hell??!!"

"She's gonna drown us...with her voice"

"First Chill Kill and now Wish You Hell, the cake girls continue their murderous concepts 😆"

"maybe shes wishing hell to sbs"

"That title is a mood lmao relatable queen"

"I know Wendy has been saying her comeback is going to be different from her debut release, but going from the healing album Like Water to what i can only presume is not a healing album with a title like Wish You Hell is not what i expected at all. But even RV solos i guess you have to expect the unexpected lol"

With a mix of emotions from fans, we're not sure how they'll react to her new album! "Wish You Hell" is slated to drop on March 12 at 6 PM KST.

Let us know your thoughts on Wendy's new solo mini-album comeback in the comments below!



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