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RM Shares Intimate Details About New Album "Indigo"

With the superstar global phenom K-pop boy group, BTS on indefinite hiatus as each member is required to serve mandatory military service, each member has focused greatly on their individual solo albums that they've been yearning to create. The group's leader and rapper, RM (Rap Monster), dropped his solo album Indigo on December 2 and met with Vogue Magazine to provide an in-depth interview of his first solo project!

RM (Rap Monster) shares intimate details about new solo album "Indigo" (Vogue)
RM (Rap Monster) shares intimate details about new solo album "Indigo" (Vogue)

The rapper stated that the solo album is a compilation of his 20s stating: “Currently, I’m 29 in Korean age, and I wanted to share my first official album before I turned 30,” he shared, “[This] represents my growth as a person and artist.”

The superstar spent his entire 20s achieving global stardom in a group setting, but fans have been waiting for a full-length RM album since his mixtape in 2015. Indigo is an introspective look into the rapper's emotional journey with tracks such as "Still Life" and "Lonely" expressing subjects like isolation, yearning, and regret that everyone can recognize. RM stated that "Indigo" explores his emotions and learnings through his experiences.

Indigo still explores my emotions and learnings through my experiences.”

- RM, "Indigo" Vogue

Rap Monster also stated that all the tracks (10 total) each have their own genres, not only pop or hip hop. He stated that the entire album is an eclectic collection of thoughts and experiences and many fans might find it quite new and unexpected.

The rapper collaborated with global sensations like R&B legend Erykah Badu and Youjeen of Cherry Filter on tracks such as "Wildflower". He insisted that these people had a tremendous effect on his musical career.

Indigo's overall mood is uplifting with an addictive blend of rock, pop, hip hop, and funk and showcases the variety of musical genres that suits the rapper's taste. He ends the interview with a similar uplifting message to fans:

“My hope is that people will feel comfortable and true to themselves while listening to the album. If this album or any of the songs within could give them a brief moment to think about their own lives and be happy, I would be very grateful.”

- RM, "Indigo" Vogue

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