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RM At the Desert And Turtles for Jungkook's Birthday!

Namjoon aka Rap Monster for BTS filmed his own concept content on a classic set called "Four Aces" in the California desert that gives the location a feel of a 1940s-style horror movie set including a restaurant, a western bar, a gas station, and a roadside motel.

Not only this news, but Jungkook's next news:

A turtle nest near the Mexican sea named "Jungkook" has been adopted by two fan bases to help save endangered species in celebration of his birthday.

An Indonesian BTS fan adopted 4,000 sea turtles in an effort to help preserve the endangered species. The hatchlings will be returned to the sea in stages, and will continue every year. It is located on Lowita Beach, Pinrang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

While in Egypt, a local BTS fan association ' Eagle Egyptian Army ( EEA ) ' raised money that was donated to charity in Jungkook's name to celebrate his birthday and a gift to him at the same time.

It is not the first time that the Egyptian ARMY has done this, every year they donate sums of money in Jungkook's name on his birthday.

Arab ARMYs wrote that they will use these hashtags on Jungkook's birthday!


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