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Secret's Hyosung Makes A Special Appearance Role in "Delivery Man"!

The comedic/romantic mystery drama about a taxi driver who can see ghosts got a special appearance from a K-pop idol! Secret's Jun Hyo Seong (Hyosung) made a special guest role appearance in episode 8 of Delivery Man! Let's see how she did!

Secret's Hyosung makes a special guest appearance as Ko Se Ra in "Delivery Man" episode 8 (ENA)
Secret's Hyosung makes a special guest appearance as Ko Se Ra in "Delivery Man" episode 8 (ENA)


Feelings begin to surface between the main characters, Seo Young Min (Yoon Chan Young All of Us Are Dead 2022) and Kang Ji Hyun (Bang Min Ah My Absolute Boyfriend 2019), as they begin to tell each other how they feel! Young Min calls Ji Hyun's father that he knows his partner, Ko Doo Kang, who passed away. They agree to meet. Young Min says he wants to pass his gratitude to Ko Doo Kang by way of his daughter and asks for her information. Ji Hyun's father tells him that Ko Se Ra lives in the United States, but now is in Korea for a seminar.

When they get to the auditorium, we see a stunning Ko Se Ra (Hyosung) commanding the stage with her beauty and intellect as she is apparently a scientist specializing in robotics!

Ko Se Ra is an independent career woman who knows what she wants but seems to have regrets about her father. She resents him not being there for her when she was growing up and thinks that her father valued his work as a police detective over her. Young Min convinces her to "talk" to her father through him. At first, Se Ra is hesitant but eventually gives in. Check out her touching scene!

Hyosung gives an admirable performance as she plays the role of an emotional daughter who forgives her father. She has also played minor roles in other dramas such as Memorist (2020) and My Shy Boss (2017).

What did you think about her acting in Delivery Man? Do you think she has a career as an actress? Let us know your thoughts!

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