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"Seoulful" Savings: Budget-Friendly Adventures in Korea [Part 2]

We're back again with some cost-effective and interesting things to do in South Korea!

If you've read Part 1, you already know some of our budget-friendly options! If you haven't read it, you can do so HERE. Let's share more adventures that you can experience without it taking too much of a toll on your wallet!

BTS's Kim Namjoon (left) and J-Hope go hiking together! (BTS Kim Namjoon Facebook page)
BTS's Kim Namjoon (left) and J-Hope go hiking together! (BTS Kim Namjoon Facebook page)

1. Climb Bukhansan Mountain - Nature Lovers!

Cue Miley Cyrus' "The Climb".

For a beautiful adventure that will leave you feeling like Bear Grylls at the end of it, we recommend climbing Bukhansan. This one is for lovers of nature! If you're not, however, you can still enjoy the pleasant sites of the mountain. The last time I went, there was a lovely little temple and a mountain dog living amongst the monks! He was adorable! I'm not sure if he still lives there but he might! You don't have to climb to the summit if you don't want to, but if you do it has a breathtaking view of Seoul! You can take a gentle walk around the surrounding areas and enjoy the peace and serenity of Korean nature!

2. Check out the National Museum Of Korea

Immersive Digital Gallery - Source Gabriella

With a variety of exhibits, the National Museum of Korea is a great place to check out while on holiday! Going to the museum is a free experience (except for specifically timed exhibits). Overall, it's a peaceful and educational experience. You don't have to dive in too deep to appreciate the art and history it holds. Three of my favorite exhibits in the museum are the 'Room of Quiet Contemplation', 'The Immersive Digital Gallery', and the big painting of Buddha as part of the 'Feast of Light' exhibition that celebrated Buddha's birthday.

Check out what's currently going on at the museum HERE.

3. Visit a Korean Coffee Franchise

According to our research, Ediya Coffee is one of the most popular franchises in Korea. Please enjoy our little feature of Ediya!

We've mentioned some of the coffee franchises Korea has in our 'Quirky Lattes' article. Read more HERE. Coffee is extremely popular in Korea and the number of franchises show just that! Some places are cheaper than others but most are generally friendly when it comes to their prices. Let us list some of the popular franchises below: (*starred places may be slightly on the cheaper side)

Mega Coffee*


Hollys Coffee

Ediya Coffee

Compose Coffee*

Coffee Bay

Paik's Coffee*

The Venti*

Twosome Place


Mammoth Coffee*

Dal.komm coffee

Paul Bassett


These are just a few of the places I have tried myself, there are many, many more!

That wraps up Part 2 of our "Seoulful Savings" series! Which tips are most helpful to you? Is there anything more you'd like to see? Comment below!


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