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Shocking Semi-Final Rankings Revealed in Latest "Fantasy Boys" Episode!

Fantasy Boys fans held their breaths as the semi-final rankings were revealed in the latest episode! In a dramatic episode, the winner of the semi-final round was revealed and left fans aghast! Let's break down the final rankings to see who won!

With not much happening in the latest episode besides a very dramatic reveal of who made it through the semi-final round, eight boys failed to reach their dreams and got cut. The final 20 boys were finally revealed through a one-and-a-half-hour episode as Fantasy Makers sat patiently waiting during a live broadcast of the show.

The two boys fighting for the top spot sat anxiously waiting for the voting results. Little did we all know that it was Yu Junwon and Hong Sung Min who stole the show and surprised everyone with the final results! As weekly viewers know, Hong Sung Min has always had a tight grip around the top spot every week since the show started, but failed to stay at the top spot for two straight weeks. He also lost to Lee Han Bin last week during the group's "Spaceman" performance.

Yu Junwon couldn't hold back his emotions as he couldn't believe that he beat his rival for the first time! Let's take a look at what happened!

Here are the full rankings of the last 20 boys standing with a total of their votes!

  1. Junwon 526,688.8

  2. Sungmin 422,012.6

  3. Kim Wooseok 377,622.3

  4. Hikaru 361,349.9

  5. K-Soul 353,696.4

  6. Hikari 353,314.5

  7. LingQi 352,679.7

  8. Lee Hanbin 336,698.0

  9. Taeseon 318,784.7

  10. Hwang Jaemin 315,010.3

  11. Kang Minseo 314,298.3

  12. Santa 303,912.3

  13. Moon Hyunbin 303,731.8

  14. Hyeontae 288,899.9

  15. Gyurae 274,233.1

  16. Daehyeon 264,462.1

  17. Yuma 250, 734.3

  18. Kaedan 220674.3

  19. Seokhee 211,116.3

  20. Jinho

It's great to have a new "king of Fantasy Boys" crowned this week! It makes the show more exciting to watch, but Hong Sung Min promised that he will do better next week, so we'll have to wait and see!

Let us know your thoughts and what you think about the show so far in the comments below!


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